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Engineering and Architecture

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Profiles We Serve

From seasoned professionals to emerging talents, we serve a diverse spectrum of profiles

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CAD Technicians

Skilled in computer-aided design software for drafting and modeling technical drawings and plans.

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Civil Engineers

Design and oversee the construction of infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, and buildings.

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Mechanical Engineers

Develop, design, and analyze mechanical systems and devices, from engines to HVAC systems.

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Electrical Engineers

Design, develop, and test electrical systems, equipment, and devices for various applications and industries.

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Architectural Designers

Create and visualize architectural designs and plans for residential and commercial buildings.

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Environmental Engineers

Address environmental issues, designing solutions for pollution control, waste management, and sustainable development.

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Engineering Consultants

Offer expert advice and solutions for technical challenges in various engineering disciplines and industries.

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Engineering Project Managers

Lead and oversee engineering projects, coordinating teams, budgets, and timelines for successful completion.

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Talent Needs and Challenges

Complex Project Management

Managing large-scale engineering and architecture projects involves intricate planning, coordination, and resource allocation, posing challenges for project managers.

Sustainability Integration

Integrating sustainable design principles and practices into engineering and architecture projects requires expertise and innovative solutions.

Technology Adoption

Keeping pace with technological advancements and integrating new tools and software into project workflows presents challenges for engineering and architecture firms.

NexG’s solution

Project Management Software

NexG offers project management software tailored to the needs of engineering and architecture firms, enabling efficient project planning, scheduling, and resource management.

Sustainable Design Consultation

NexG provides consultancy services to help engineering and architecture firms integrate sustainable design principles and practices into their projects effectively.

Technology Integration Solutions

NexG assists firms in adopting and integrating cutting-edge technologies, such as BIM software and IoT solutions, into their project workflows for improved efficiency and collaboration.

Engineering Marvels: Architectural Innovations

Pushing the boundaries of design and construction.

Engineering Image 1

Sustainable Urban Development: Vertical Gardens

Vivek Debnath,

Process Manager,


Engineering Image 2

Efficient Energy Management: Smart Building Solutions

Ranjit Kairi,

Frontend Developer,


Engineering Image 3

Bridging Communities: Iconic Suspension Bridge Project

Himanshu Sharma,

JR. Frontend Developer,